Engineremand.com offers multiple warranties; with each warranty having different benefits. We offer Warranty coverage protection, depending on whether you are having the engine installed at a Shop OR you are doing the install yourself DIY or at an unlicensed repair shop (Standard). Of course we encourage all of our customers to have the engines installed at a licensed repair shop to take full advantage of the INDUSTRY'S ONLY FREE 3 YEAR  UNLIMITED MILES NATIONWIDE WARRANTY. But we do not discourage DIY installs as long as you understand the warranty is Standard under these conditions.

The great majority of our remanufactured engine warranties are 3 Year Unlimited Miles  but there are a few specific exceptions to be aware of. So how do you know which warranty applies to you? We welcome that question, please allow us to educate you in brief, and we promise you will see that it is actually quite an easy determination to make...

The very first step in determining which type of warranty applies to your engine purchase is to GET AN INSTANT QUOTE NOW, if you have not already done so.

Once you have received your free, instant quote; the type of remanufactured engine you order dicates which warranty will apply for you. Your quote details will tell you the type of warranty that applies to the engine itself. Vehicles such as sedans, SUVs, and light trucks are all considered the same under our warranty and have 5 Year coverage. However, Medium/Heavy Duty Trucks (weighing 11,000 pounds or more) as well as Diesel Engines have different warranty terms; coverage is 2 Years and 24K miles for these particular vehicle types. Also, if it is a Commercial Fleet vehicle, the coverage is 5 years (as long as not diesel or medium/heavy duty truck) but there is a 100K mile ceiling on the coverage.

As far as answering the FAQ of whether you qualify for the No Fault warranty or the Standard warranty, we are glad you asked and will answer that question for you now:

IF the engine you purchase is installed at a licensed repair shop, and it is not a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) install, then we offer NO FAULT warranty coverage. If it is a DIY install, coverage policies will not allow no fault protection, however we still offer you a comprehensive Standard warranty package with the exact same coverage term length.